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MR Young Man vom Kemnader See Lord Romeo vom Kemnader See Interim's Sir Talbot Tenby Dufosee Capability
Interim's Lady Idabelle Iveagh
Ziskin vom Kemnader See Nivek Blueboy
Georgina vom Kemnader See
Taliros Ruby Newsday Dufosee Boy Bruce Dufosee Acclamation
Dufosee Love Bird
Rossut Dither Dufosee Likely Lad
Rossut Jonquil
Alice vom Orlagrund Interim's Sir Raffles Rothermere Skansehoj's Johann Daisy Hills Dynamiske Domino
Skansehoj's Valonia
Interim's Lady Idabelle Iveagh Interim's Sir Zeus Zyprian
Interim's Lady Fiona Fortescue
Galant Grace of Dynamite's Gentry Sweet Connection's Knock on Wood Sweet Connection's Bar Espresso
Sweet Connection's Starlight Broadway
Comely Cinderella of Dynamite's Gentry Susquatch Acorn Special
Apiary's Dangerous Dynamite Dear